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How I lost 3 stone - and found myself again!

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

This blog lands exactly 3 years on from when I first found the coach who really did change my life regards my outlook on fitness, eating and the relationship I CAN and DO have now with my body!!!

I went and found my dream dress in September 2019, I knew I wanted to wear fitted but because I wasn't confident at the time I felt I was trying on A line/Ballgown to try and hide my shape - the majority of you know that story, and if you don't message me but before that I had yoyo'd like so many do through weight loss and weight gain, I had always felt average, always not felt fully confident in myself, I had lost weight once before but then gained it again once I gained my now husband back from our long distance relationship.

See the thing is, not many of us have or know what our consistent motivation is, so we assign feelings and goals to temporary times in our life, like a wedding, like post having a baby, like the summer, like a friends hen do - these are all moments that come and they go. But what remains is YOU and your relationship with yourself and your body.

We need to start changing the narrative in and around how we talk to ourselves, so stop with the I want to get fit for summer, and start with the I want to get fit for the rest of my life, to elongate my years and increase the happiness and the health I feel on a day to day basis! This all starts with a want to change, an initial motivation to do something, and this is what I had in January 2020 the 8th to be precise.

I joined the team that is now so well known across social media with little to know expectation or understanding of just how much this journey was going to change my life. At the time the wait list was a week, it is now MONTHS! Team FD (@francisdiet) have such a waitlist for a reason! Their results are daily, hourly, and are all incredible and relatable to so many of us!

I started my journey at just under 13 stone ( Whenever I told anyone this they were like how where and when have you been hiding that ) but at 5ft 4 - just this wasn't healthy at all for my build! Now I started initially because I wanted to feel my best for my wedding day, which at this point was 9 months away! My goal was 3 stone to loose, I wanted to get under the 10 stone bracket and I KNEW I would do it.

My plan arrived and I was COMMITTED and EXCITED - within 5 weeks I had lost 20lbs I was over the moon! C***d then arrived and it was a blessing, Rich and I trained together daily, we both wanted to use this time wisely, and we did we threw ourselves into exercise and it paid off! My Wedding date was changed, in the July, but I managed to go and confirm I was going on my hendo, late June, so this was then my focus! I pushed, and I hit 9 Stone 10 on my final check in before my Hendo, my waist had lost almost 8 inches, my thighs had slimmed by 4 on both sides! I had worked so hard and, I felt UNREAL (although at the time I still felt I had work to do - My goal now is to build on that and reach that point where I feel confident fully, all the time not just for a temporary moment in my life - none the less I felt AMAZING and HAPPY to parade around in swimwear in Ibiza)! Scott had helped me do it, he tells me it was me, but the accountability, the knowledge, the support and the continual guidance was HIM!!!!

It then became a habit, it became something that was a part of my life. I had people question why? I had people undermine my results, I had people tell me I went to far, but those negative projections were just reasons and rhyme as to why those people are no longer in my life, the new confidence I had not only made me feel good on the outside, I had a want and a need to ensure the people around me, were only those who empower, support and are happy for those they care about - it made me set boundaries on how others were treating me!

So I continued to work with Scott right up until my wedding day 9th July 2021, I had the Christmas off, so I had some holiday weight to loose, but the journey now wasn't one I dreaded because I had done the hard work and I knew I could do it again!

When my Wedding Day arrived, I had been to Ibiza the week before, where I had felt again so confident in swimwear, I was mentally, physically and emotionally the BEST I had ever ever felt! And I truly believe this to be the reason as to why I fell pregnant pretty much imminently. We married 9th July and 3 weeks later I knew I was pregnant. Scott knows, I know and my family know, that optimum levels in health, hormones and wellbeing were the reason our Little Teddy came to be. He was actually here on this photo below without me even knowing...

And so my next journey began. The conditioning around pregnancy, and being a new mum is something I am super passionate about changing. I wanted to continue to work hard, to be the best version of me. I was wanting to start setting the examples now, and so I did, I continued to work with Scott and do now, through my pregnancy and post birth.

I now help alongside his team, to set the non negotiables, to make people see they can, to help people understand that a way of life needn't be forever and if you want to make the change you can. And that however you feel about yourself, will project onto those around you. Putting yourself first is never a crime! IT IS AN ESSENTIAL. You can never and should never be expected to pour from an empty cup! For yourself, for your family for those watching you, you must work on yourself. They and YOU deserve it!

My goals this year are huge! I know how I want to feel, and how I look is an added bonus!!! I am excited and can't wait to see what we achieve! My starting point this January is below - with a stone to go, lots of muscle to gain, confidence to rebuild and conditioning to increase. If you want to be with me, if you need someone to be accountable to get in touch!

If you have any specific questions on my plan with Scott, on the diet I followed, pop them in the chat function on our website, alternatively email me, or DM me @brideinmind.

If you are ready to commit and change your life, then do email Scotts PA Bella - and mention me, but ONLY mention me, if you are serious about making the change!

Love Always!!!!!!! Heres to an EPIC 2023!!!!



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