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Darlings, Welcome to my Hub, a space created with you in mind...

That's me. Right there, Coffee in one hand, ambition in the other...I had a dream, I wanted to reach and help as many women, and couples, as I could. I am ambitious, hardworking and creative. I have a background in mindset work, I take great pleasure in exposing people to the best brands and businesses. I know a wedding can be planned with minimal to zero stress, and I like to empower women at whatever stage they are at in their lives. The amount of people I help, is my measure for success. The word needs to spread that Alex Wainwright can and will help you overcome hurdles, and find solutions to any problem you may face - meaning you can live your best possible life. With the best resources and guidance I can help you adapt that calm and mindful approach to everything you face in life, Let's work together today.  

Me, Myself & I


So I'm Alex, creator and founder of 

Bride in Mind, creating and living out my own story whilst helping you write yours. My passion is in mindful bridal coaching, it's in accountability, it's trying new beauty and lifestyle products and of course being the best wife and mummy to the two main boys in my life, Rich & Teddy. 

Without their support and encouragement, we would not be here today helping you be the best version of yourself, enjoying the moments on your bridal, baby or general wellness journey. I thrive off helping others, and I cannot wait to work with you!

Why I  started 


I have been a part of the incredible wedding world since I was 18 years old, painting beautiful faces as a Makeup Artist. My path changed when Rich, my darling husband asked me the most answerable question, I then planned our Wedding to within an inch and loved every second of doing so. It wasn't until we postponed our wedding for the second time, that my strength, and my passion really came to the forefront. With my background in studying the mind, and the Law of Attraction, I found myself needing to help other brides who had no exposure to how strong your mind can be, and how in certain moments it can save you, I set up my bridal coaching business with a want to help others to trust in their journey, and now two years on, with a Luxury planning range launched, and hundreds of brides that we have coached and shown how to plan a wedding stress free, I can only continue to spread these messages with whoever will listen...

Where I'm going


Everything happens as and when it's supposed to (fate), I truly believe this. I set my Instagram up in 2020 and here I am now bringing you our new website. I want this to be a one stop hub, where you fall in love with planning your wedding,  where you eliminate any stress you may be feeling towards your wedding, and find yourself immersed in all things Baby, Bridal and Lifestyle. We are here to help you and support you in whatever way you need through every step of your journey, from engagement to maybe being a Mumma and everything in between!

I want you to leave this place feeling a little more empowered than you did previously, to follow your heart, believe in yourself and know that what you want, you can make it happen! Just like I am doing here by working with women like YOU...

Watch our Happily Ever After, whilst I  guide you towards
creating yours... 
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So professional, genuine & lovely, down to earth. Very passionate about your business and helping others along the way!

Charley - Makeup Artist - Content creation workshop

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