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No one can run on an empty tank and here at Bride in Mind it is so important to me that you consider you and your lifestyle as a priority when it comes to feeling energised, confident and mindful. How our lifestyle is can depend on so many things and I am here to recommend businesses that improve how we feel, make life easier, give us little hacks and create fulfilment in our day to day lives. We all have choices, and I am here to remind you to make a choice for you. You matter and I will never stop reminding you of that.

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Lifestyle Supplier Recommendations 

Scott and his fitness plans simply changed my life! Prior to our wedding I knew for my own reasons I wanted to go on a health kick! I lost 3 stone, changed my relationship with food, and became a happier person, who was living ay my optimal levels. I now know what I am capable of, I continue to work with Scott and would recommend him to anyone who wants to transform their lives.

Hairburst! The only hair products I would recommend to those of you wanting to see improved condition and growth for your locks! I have written a blog on the products I would recommend, but explore the above link and don't forget to use our code MRSWHB to get your discount! Any questions regards which products I would recommend for you - book a wellness call today!

Exclusive Discount:


Helen is fantastic at creating ANY balloon creation you need, she sits within the lifestyle section of my website because she doesn't just cater for weddings, she also caters for birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, bridesmaid proposals...the list is endless! She is also the lady behind the vinyl in our flute kits and has been known to create wedding hangers and other bridal items too - send her your requests, she turns her hand to most things!

Skincare! A passion of mine! Now you can book in a wellness call in which we can create a tailored regime specific to your wants and needs, or you can head to the link and purchase the items that I specifically used alongside facials in the run up to our wedding! Skincare and haircare now form a part of my daily and weekly routine....does it for you? Skincare questions can be asked via the chat function OR book your wellness call today!

Need further guidance when it comes to Self care? Book a call today

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