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When is the best time to work with you?

This totally depends on what you need from me! If I can work with you at the beginning - amazing as I can give you the techniques and tools to nail down your vision and kick off your planning with the right mindset! But if you have found me 6 months, 3 months, 3 weeks before I can still help. My skills adapt and work on a bride to bride basis!

How do you differ to a wedding planner?

The most asked question! I empower brides at different points through her wedding journey, I jump in and help as and when she needs. Whereas a planner is there to plan on your behalf, they take the reins, I help you keep hold of the reins and plan yourself! If a wedding planner is what you need I can recommend some amazing ones!

Why is your planner different?

My planner is different because it is hand written by ME, a bride at the time, and I have since revisited it as a wife to ensure it has everything in it, to help you plan your wedding stress free, and not just that it becomes somewhere you can document and save parts of your wedding, you can form a journal, a memory book, to look back on in years to come! Shop yours here!

I would love to do your courses, have you got payment plans?

Absolutely, we can set your payments up with a payment plan, in line with your budget. I see my courses as an investment to yourself and to your wedding plans, so to make them as accessible as I can is my aim!

How quick will my planner arrive?

We send everything by courier, and they usually arrive within 4 days of you receiving your email notification, We can send next day if this is required, please choose this option at Checkout.

Can I become a stockist of your brand?

100% we love to work with new Bridal facing businesses. We offer stockist calls! Head to our contact page and share your interest and we will get one booked in!

I am expecting my first baby... Help!

My business has become a hub for women going through different stages of their lives, and what I have found is that my main aim and passion lies with helping her feel empowered and able to tackle whatever journey she is on, with a belief and a strong mind. Having a baby is one of if not thee most incredible journey to go on, and it would be my pleasure to help you navigate this next path for you...It is simply a miracle, nothing to worry about!

I have a question...

If you have a question you would like answering, if it is asked multiple times it will appear on this page. If not I can always help via the chat function below. We can't wait to work with you in whatever way you may need!

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