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Being a new mummy can seem daunting, trust me I know, but it's made a whole lot easier when you are surrounded by an amazing support team, friends that feel like family and that is exactly what Bride in Mind aim to be. We will provide you with all our knowledge, some of which is learnt along the way as well as my wealth of contacts and discount codes to make things a little easier all round. 

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Baby Supplier Recommendations 

Sleep training is responding to your child's needs but not their wants.  It is teaching your child to self-settle, which will ultimately give them the ability to sleep through the night.  Naomi's techniques are extremely gentle and responsive.  She doesn't teach a cry it out method.  Her method still allows the parent and child to have a good attachment and everyone will get the restorative sleep they need to thrive. Naomi is brilliant at working with and adapting to the needs of the parents and baby! So approachable and brilliant at what she does!

Birth and having a baby in general is something so many fear, for multiple reasons, many of them stem from what is put out in the media and across social platforms for people to see, other opinions are formed through word of mouth and others experiences. The female body is incredible and educating yourself around the capabilities you have as a woman led my to having the most amazing experience when I gave birth to my little boy Teddy. Charlotte was with my every step of the way. She has since become a Doula and I would have loved to have had her with me in that birthing room. Calm, collected, full of knowledge and wants to empower you to know that this is your journey, your babies journey and it's that you should focus on!

When Teddy was born he had quite a lot of hair, as he slept he would self soothe by moving his head from side to side. Baby's hair is so soft and fine, that it can easily fall out. I had read incredible reviews around Mulberry silk and I found Sleepy Silk who were unbelievably helpful and their products are truly beautiful. Teddy's hair grew within two weeks and I now wouldn't use anything else! Sleepy Silk - THANK YOU!

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