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This page has come to life, after I asked my current bridal clients to audit my website. They said Alex, you need to offer snippets of the most asked about topics, for brides to drop on and get quick wins from your shares. So here we are, I was the bride, I now work with the brides and all I do is for the bride...


When should I start dress shopping?

One of the most asked questions! Give yourself 12-18 months. This time frame will then allow you to relax through this entire process. It also takes into consideration designer lead times, and your fittings! Do you research prior to going to your dress appointments, and don't be shocked if you find the ONE in your first shop! This is the best outcome! An exciting occasion, and I can't wait for you and her to meet!

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I have a bridesmaid issue help...

I don't like to think that this is one of the most common things we help people on, but unfortunately it is. I wanted this section of our website to normalise the hurdles people face within wedding planning, but also therefore to empower you to fix, adjust and alter your path, to ensure your day is as it should be! If anyone isn't supporting or hyping up your wedding journey... this would ring alarm bells for me! There is no reason for someone to be unhappy for you on what is one of the best journey's of your life. Therefore, acknowledge the behaviour of said individual, confront it in a nice manner, giving them chance to explain and alter their ways towards you, and if they don't....*Inserts Door Emoji*


Our parents have helped financially, and now want

a big say in our day...

Again something we talk to couples about daily. A financial contribution is a gift, it shouldn't be or feel like an emotional tool. If this is something you are experiencing, we advise sitting down with your parents and just explaining to them how it is making you feel. Have compromises at the ready, ask them for involvements with certain aspects of you day, but ultimately express that this is your day, you are so grateful for their support, but you would hate to look back on your day and it not be the way you had hoped, out of fear of upsetting those close to you. Communication as with everything is key! Do speak, you will feel better for airing your worry's and concerns.


Do bridesmaids pay for their dresses/hair/makeup etc?

This is entirely personal, and reflective of your own situation, and what you have budgeted for, for your day. No one should expect the couple getting married to pay for things, but sometimes it is a nice gesture, if budget allows to do so. It could be used as your way of thanking them to be involved. But it is by no way a necessity, and if you can't then you shouldn't be made to feel bad. Being a part of someone's bridal party is an honour in itself. The memories you make together is the most important thing. 

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How far in advance should I book suppliers?

Suppliers I work with and recommend get booked up 12-24 months in advance. So my advice as soon as you have that date set, get looking for the suppliers that you want to work with. They have to work in line with your vision but for me they also have to come across as people that you want to work with, these people become your friends, or should do, that is the suppliers I am drawn to, and recommend to my brides always!


Again something I am asked daily! Dress shopping is deemed stressful, and its usually from other people sharing their own experiences and stories with you! My job is to help you create and write your own narrative! As long as you take those with you who allow you to think and choose what is right for you! Take everyone with you, but if you know you will feel overwhelmed, then I would advise 2-3 people max!

How many people should I take dress shopping with me?

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