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You and I - 'Our Wedding Journey Scent' Wax Melts

You and I - 'Our Wedding Journey Scent' Wax Melts


Our Wedding Scent...


The Scent to plan and remember your wedding by...


I am a big fan of Nostalgia, scents, taste, sounds all form the best feelings that we associate with the best times.


You and I...the name chosen by your fellow Bride. 


So let’s delve in to the name and uncover the meaning behind the choice.

YOU - I want you to Remember her, remember the person you are now, remember the feelings you have had through this time, the growth, the strength, the Wife and Woman you have become. I want you to remember the couple that has been through so much but has come out of the other side more united than when they went in...

And I... I want you to Remember I, Your fellow Bride to Be, your friend and your Bridal Coach, I hope to have brought you advice and guidance on how to remain upbeat and positive through hard times, not just the wedding journey but through life as you move forward, and like a scent, like a memory I will always be here, even past your journey from Miss to Mrs 


And with some very apt lyrics...’You and I... we don’t want to be like them, we can make it till the end, nothing can come between... you and I’ I give you the couples scent, designed by a bride to be for her fellow bride to be to burn throughout their wedding journey...


The Best Journey you will walk, lets heighten all of the senses...


Our Scent has been created with us at the centre, by the amazing Wick & Vine, who also offers BESPOKE scent creation for your wedding days through our website! 

Price Options
One-time purchase
Wax Melt Monthly
Have our wedding scent delivered monthly...
£6.75every month until canceled

    Included 6 Wax Melts with our signature scent - appearance will vary but the scent will remain incredible.

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