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Bridal Retreats - The first of their kind...

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

I have a business coach, she actually has a special psychic gift too she tells me, she said to me back in September 2022 - Alex I see you doing some sort of retreat for your brides. And well the rest is history.

Once I get an idea in my head, that I know will have value, that I know will positively impact those that attend, or are exposed to it, I know I need to make it happen.

I then contacted my BEST suppliers - I had an idea of exactly what I wanted to put together, I knew it had to benefit anyone that attended in more ways than one, and I knew it had to be something that if I were getting married, I would attend!!!

When the suppliers came back and said YES!! I was reassured that this was the right path for me! The bridal journey I know can seem and can be overwhelming, stressful at times, daunting, and I hear it often.... it goes so quick!!! But there are things you can do, tools you can use, ways of being you can implement, to enhance and elevate your bridal walk to becoming a Mrs!

Now, for all of you that follow my Instagram @brideinmind you will know I have an aesthetic, I have a brand palette and this scheme and theme will be very much present across the retreat - think Soft glam, white luxe, memorable accents! Ibiza soundtrack! It's almost like I'm planning our wedding again, and I want you guys to feel that elevated bridal atmosphere when you are welcomed to our venue - Rylands Farmhouse, Cheshire!!! A boutique Tipi venue!! Which on an August summer evening will be full of brides all wanting the same thing, to make memories that will last forever - wow it's going to be so beautiful!

We want our brides, that visit our bridal retreats to feel and know they have invested time in themselves, to ensure this journey is one they look back on with the best memories. The retreats have been created by myself, a former bride. I know the touch points, I know the extras you need and want. I know how to elevate your journey, ensuring you look back with zero regret and never a 'I wish I had done more' thought...

SO Let's go!!! The LUXURY Experience created with the BRIDE IN MIND. Relax - Refocus - Realign and Realise just how much you deserve this time to be the best you ever envisaged it to be. The suppliers I have involved are the best...

Guest Speakers/Session Leaders include;

Alex Wainwright - Bridal Coach & Wedding Mentor

Scott Francis - Fitness & Nutrition Expert

Paige Evans - Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Georgia Butters - Sound Healing Practitioner

Sarah Russell - Skincare Masterclass Instructor

Sophie Robinson - Wedding & Event Florist

Hannah Taylor - Wedding Planner & Coordinator

Luke Barnes - Private Luxury Event Chef

Your Bridal Retreat will become the place where you will relax, refocus, and re-discover your inner bride, and learn how to let her be present, and conscious in every moment that matters to you, as you walk towards becoming a Mrs.

We know the journey can seem stressful at times, but we know it needn't be if you are surrounded by the right people, putting yourselves in the right situations and by being here, shows you know you matter, and this is your time.

We can't wait to welcome you to the very first BRIDAL RETREAT in the UK.

Book your space today - choose one of the following packages

- Single Bride to Be VIP ticket

- Bride to Be plus Guest VIP ticket

- Bride to Be Bestie Duo VIP ticket

- Multi Guest Room - upto 4 guests

(All bundles include gifts for the bride worth over £300 and for your guests worth over £150)

Deposit options are available.

Any questions just email -

See you soon!

Lots of Love



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