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My Hen Do - or should I say Three!! Let me help you plan and celebrate…

A blog so many of you have been waiting for! It's taken me a while because I've been gathering and searching for all the brands we used and by we I mean my sister!!!

She pretty much single handedly planned all 3 of my hen do's!

My first!!! To Ibiza! It was literally the DREAM TRIP! I felt so blessed and so grateful to have had the most amazing trip planned for me - we ventured to the white isle, in July 2020! She planned it October 2019! So my first tip, give yourselves time when it comes to planning things, those attending need time to save and budget, and things also get booked up quickly like accommodation, and industry specialists!

So first up! We flew with Jet 2! And we stayed in the most amazing villa organised by @inhabitworld - these guys know what it means to supply luxury accomodation!

Perfectly situated! Housed my entire bridal party comfortably and had all the amenities we needed!!! And looked like the photos!!!

We departed from my parents house and because this was during an uncertain time, we took the opportunity by the horns and decided to go, even though I knew at this point we were probably going to have to postpone our wedding! But we as a group wanted to still go and enjoy this time together and celebrate what should have been my hen do!!! And us getting married!

My sister had thought of everything, everyone was given a hang over kit, which had coffee and tea in, beroccas, face masks, chewingum, paracetamol and your favourite drink to start off the celebrations! Plus the itinerary for our Wednesday - Sunday trip! Oh andddd personalised drinks stirrers from @weddingluxco

Bride straw and Hen cups were from @teamhen

Hangover bags - @gingerray

Hangover kits - various shops

We all wore the matching t shirts which I had designed myself and then they were printed by @_.established._

The intinerary was jam packed!

Day 1 - We travelled, and the evening was spent at Sunset Ashram, beautiful Asian inspired food, on the cliff edge, looking out onto this ⤵️

Day 2!!! We had a party at the villa, games, drinks, music, lots of laughs!!! I wore a veil the whole time! And what I would recommend is pack only what you need! I had my outfits written out and planned so I only packed what I needed! Even down to my jewellery! I had the time but also I still do this now, being efficient and only packing what you need... stress free!

Outfits - most of my outfits were from @theglambassadors @mermaid_x @asos @boohoo @inthestyle

My Sister had set themes before we arrived in Ibiza so we could all pack with a little more ease, but also themes are such a fun way to celebrate your hen!

We had -

Pool Party - Reds

Boat day - White (me) Hens in leopard print

Ocean beach - Me in White and the girls were in black and gold

The evening of the pool party we went to the Ibiza marina for our food! And it was lovely!!! We also had themes at night again it made it so much easier for Everyone when it came to packing! Night two! I was in Gold and the hens were in white! This dress which I loved was from @meshki I paid import costs on it from Australia but it was worth it! Such a gorgeous dress!

I also wore MRS W slides in my hair from @thebobbypin - why not, it was my hen after all! And if I help anyone plan their hen/wedding now and they ask am I too OTT I always say you are asking the wrong person as I was definitely one to love all the extras! And it's a one time thing! You can and should do what you want!

Soooo day two we boarded our very own catamaran and just had the best time at sea! It truly was magical!!!! I would absolutely recommend doing this to anyone! Hen party or not. The blue waters of Ibiza are truly stunning!

My swimsuit was @theglambassadors - I can't remember where my skirt was from but if you type in glitter sarong I'm sure something similar will come up!

And my bride crown which was gifted to me by my sister before we went was from the amazing @fridaflowercrowns and now sits in my office with pride!

We took our own drinks on the boat but the food was supplied! It was a full afternoon of dancing, drinking, swimming, and more game playing, and on the boat they did dress me up as Rich, in a rugby kit and they all had Rich masks on! (Must find that photo) and then we went homeeee and were cooked for by the amazing again! Something I'd recommend to everyone planning a hen, get the chefs in, it's such a nice way to celebrate, and a way you can add a touch of luxury to your celebrations! These guys came and did everything aswell! Set up, cooked, hosted and cleared down! Just incredible service!

Our third day!!! Was spent at @obeachibiza baby!!!! I was really unsure what to expect, but we had thee best time! We had booked to visit @wikiwoo for our last night but we didn't end up leaving the pool 😂 We had a booth, the drinks flow, they came out with the signs saying Alex's hen! Abbie had thought of everything and I felt so so grateful and special! The memories we made I will cherish forever!

Whilst we were there I did end up postponing our first wedding date and booking it for Christmas, I rearranged all my suppliers for our new date, and still managed to have the best time! I look back now and I am so proud and grateful for that time, I wouldn't change a single thing, your wedding journey is a pivotal moment in your life and if you allow it to, it can bring some of the best lessons you'll ever be exposed to, which will set you up for the future in so many ways!

My sister had planned and continued to plan three of the best times of my life! Ibiza now holds one of the biggest spots in my heart, it was a time filled with so much love, yet so much uncertainty. But I wasn't allowing a time that was so out of our control, to control anymore of my life than it was already doing.

I learnt the most about myself during that time between March 2020 and July 2021! I learnt how strong I am, how resilient I am, how good I am at adapting, but also how much I love to help others, and we wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for a thought I had after my hendo in Ibiza, I woke at 5am and thought I have to help others.... the rest is history!

Now I have tried to include everything in here! But if not I have got a highlight on my Instagram linked here ⤵️

But if you do need any further help, just go to the contact page or use the chat function! And ask away!

And now onto Hen do 2!!!! Back to the UK we go now! And UK hen destinations are so popular now! I am actually working on a new business venture (you've heard it here first) I will be bringing you the best accomodation abroad and in the uk for your weddings and bridal plans, as I think there is a gap! And not all properties are upto to the standard I know a bride wants - but also from the owners side they sometimes don't want a certain group in - they want someone to enjoy their property without going OTT - so watch this space!

So hen do 2!! this was hosted at my local rugby club where Rich and I met over 10 years ago now! It was a party for all the women invited to our wedding!!!

Our balloons were by @hellaballoo

My outfit was @lavishalice

Again what a special occasion with all my close friends and family there to celebrate! My sister also arranged this! And my bridesmaids arranged a stripper for me.. with this I would say, be a sport it entertains everyone watching! 👏🏼

Bellinis on arrival - my favourite drink which we also had as our welcome drink at the wedding 😍

Sweet treats and pizzas for the guests!

Prosecco tables! Andddd my sister had started a book in Ibiza for my girls to write in, this came to each hen and everyone wrote in it - infact I'm getting that back out today to have a read again!

I feel like this was a lovely option to have with everyone - but the abroad, or the destination in the UK are probably going to include just your bridal party and extended bridal party. And know this, I had so many dates I see it now so I could help so many others plan a hen that suits them 😂 it was market research for you all, but it also happened due to the date postponements we had, and everyone going through a time in which they then wanted to celebrate and to have something to look forward to!

And then my final hen (I won't include my pre wedding trip to Ibiza with my mum and sister) ! But we are very well versed now in the planning of hens and events, and keeping organised, adding the extra touches, using the best suppliers so if you do need any help! But a Wedding solutions call! And let us guide you! 👌🏼

Our final team bride destination was to Yorkshire - which is where Rich is from originally and we rented a gorgeous property! This trip was just my bridal party and close friends!

We did a murder mystery night in fancy dress in which a chef cooking for us!!!

And we then went to the Wood fired tipi which was situated at the 3 acres pub and drank in the sunshine listening to Ibiza's classics! If you love Ibiza music - type in woodfired tipi playlist on Spotify and thank me later! 👌🏼

We had themes again for this trip! Which as I said makes packing and organising so much easier! It also gives people something to work towards and it gets you excited before you even arrive!

We also played all the usual bridal games on this trip!

• Guess the dress (again this links in here with what I advise in keeeping your dress a surprise from everyone - this is such a fun game to do!!! See who gets closest)

• Who knows the bride the best

• Mr & Mrs

• Pin the whatsit on the whatsit

Etc etc so many available online and on Etsy!

I did gift my bridal party and extended friends luggage tags before this trip for the final hen and for our wedding, just as a little extra for them to always remember the journey in which they supported me and Rich on, a journey where they trusted us, didn't pester or mither for updates and answers and just allowed us to figure it out ourselves! We will be forever grateful, the luggage tags were such a cute addition and these were from @weddingluxco

My pompom bag was from @pombags and bridecrown again @fridaflowercrowns

I was so Emotional on this last hen as I knew it was less than 3 weeks before we said our vows! It's absolutely normal to get emotional and I coach my brides around this now, it is a huge day, it is a big moment in your life and it can feel overwhelming, scary and everything in between! But I am hear to reassure you that feeling that way is normal, and actually it shows you care!!! But I can help ease those feelings, normalise them and help you make sense of them! 👌🏼

I think!!!! That is everything! I was so lucky to have the times I did planned for me, in the level of detail aswell! It's something I'm passionate about sharing, it's something my sister and I can help with!

We are working on lots behind the scenes at the moment! So watch this space! But I hope this has been helpful! Please comment and let us know and I've attached the other links to the highlights below!!

Let your friends know what you like/don't but then let them take control and you just enjoy and watch it all come together!

If you want any support book a vision call or a wedding solutions call and let us help you to delve into what it is you want and then help set timeframes and goals to make sure it happens!

You Deserve the best! Time to make it happen! Don't look back and wish you'd done more or done things differently!

And rememeber 'a little party never killed nobody'

Lots of love always Alex

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