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Mindset - how did I change mine?

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Welcome to Letter No. 2!! So as I've said previously - I haven't always been Mrs Positive! And even some days now I have my moments but what I've gained a lot of is perspective and belief in myself, and others and I know that we all have choices and that our outcomes are a direct reflection of the choices we make!

So how did I change my mindset? I involved myself in a lot of personal development! What is this and how can you implement it?

  1. Meditation

  2. Fitness goals

  3. Reading

  4. Journaling

  5. Audibles

  6. Surrounding yourself with those that lift you up

  7. Knowing what your triggers are and how to avoid them

  8. Having NON NEGOTIABLES you do everyday! You need FOCUS!

So many go through life and make no commitment to themselves and their own personal growth, the easiest thing we can do is live the same year 80 times over and call it a life? The second we realise that we get no re run, and genuinely become conscious to that is the day we take ourselves and our wants seriously 👌🏼 #onelife #focus #nonnegotiables

Some may say I live in a fairytale but actually I couldn't live more in the present and in real life if I tried, everything I do, I do with intent and on purpose - yes sometimes I slow down, or make mistakes, or do something that doesn't move me forward but I see all of it, everything that comes to me as an opportunity to learn and grow. #growth #explore #opportunity

I tell myself each day that everything happens for a reason and that it happens right on time, that nothing that's for me and should be in my life will pass me by, but that doesn't mean I just sit still and wait for these things to happen, I make conscious choices and movements towards my outcomes. This also doesn't mean I am naive or not sensitive to people who experience hard times, I have been around so many that have and are, I've expereince them myself. Everyone's own problems are valid to them and this isn't me saying I don't have worries or concerns of my own, this is me saying that how you deal with hurdles, and obstacles, and harder times, CAN be made more bearable IF you develop your mind and look after yourself! #mindsetcoach #accountabilitycoach #wellnesscoach #bridalcoach

As soon as you have that belief in yourself that you deserve the best, and those dreams you have can become reality if you work hard, you really do become one of the strongest people in the room. To just trust and know that everything will work out is one of life's greatest accomplishments because what it does is it makes you acknowledge all you've been through, be grateful for where it's brought you so you live in the moment and it makes you excited about what's ahead, it makes you present, something 73% of the population aren't. #weddingplanning #weddingplans #bridalplanner #bridalsupport #weddingsupport

I now work with women to set, overcome, and push towards goals that they've had, but never put a plan in place on how they can achieve them.

I work with brides who are struggling to plan a wedding. They may be finding it overwhelming, stressful or something in between, they may have fallen out of love with their plans and I help them find the bride within them again and get back to their plans, living out their journey with a whole lot of love towards it!

And I've even had the pleasure of working with women recently in my sector, to set business goals! Instagram strategy's! And to find that belief in themselves that their passion is there for a reason, and with that passion they can use it to achieve what they want to achieve!!! 👌🏼

I never envisaged doing everything I do now, and with my packages that are coming for 2023 I am so excited to work with so many more of you in the three areas I am so passionate about simplifying, and reconditioniong in a way that makes your dreams whether it be in bridal, in becoming a parent, or within fitness, business and lifestyle, seem possible and within reach!

Let's work together today! Click here to book your call 🔗 🔗

Our next blog will be about my fitness journey with @francisdiet - how I lost 3 stone before our Wedding!!

If you'd like to hear about anything else do comment below ⬇️ and if you've enjoyed this read let us know or share with someone else you think would!

Love always! See you next time ❤️

Alex @brideinmind

Found of Bride in Mind &

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